Why I Love Bow Hunting


Hunting with guns is great and all. It can be challenging and intense. Sometimes though, you just want to step things up a notch. I kept reading about all of these guys who used bows for their hunting trips. It seemed odd to be, making things harder for yourself. But after a buddy let me try his bow, my opinion completely changed. There really is nothing like lining up your mark with a bow and hitting it.

Why step up the challenge? Nobody wants to be stagnant. I considered myself a good hunter, but at a certain point you just want to take things further. It seems like it just gets too easy. The amount of discipline required to be a consistent bow hunter is crazy. Archery is hard enough, but if you add the hunting aspect to it… it becomes quite the challenge. The first step in this journey for me was finding a good bow to hunt with. There are a ton of hunting bow reviews out there, so it took a long time to read through everything. I would say I was researching for a couple weeks before buying my first bow. If you are new, them make sure that you can buy a bow that is built for hunting, but can also grow with you as you get better.

hunting bow

I would recommend starting out at archery ranges. There are quite a few of them around, and if you live near any parks – they usually have a small one in part of it. If you don’t live near any, then you can just pick up a few archery targets to practice with. What I have found is you really need to hone your concentration when shooting with arrows. While you need to do this with gun hunting, your accuracy won’t be nearly as good if you don’t focus completely. Your accuracy is also so dependent on the stability of your arms, so learning to keep still while you aim is completely necessary. The only thing you can do here is practice.

Along with the challenge of bow hunting, I feel so much closer with the animals I hunt. Since I am no longer relying on things that make it easy, every success is much more gratifying to me. Unless you are extremely good, you aren’t going to be able to shoot at the same range as you would with a gun. Bows will lose the accuracy once you start getting too far away. It takes much more to get close to the animal while not disturbing it, and it makes you so much more aware of what is around you.

The best benefit I’ve found is patience. In order to get good at stalking your prey, you need to learn to have great patience. If you rush, then you are likely to step on a twig, brush on something, or make some kind of noise to scare the animal off. Learning patience like this isn’t just good in hunting – you can apply this to every other area of your life.

Since I’ve started bow hunting I haven’t looked back at a gun. There is so much more to hunting and I advise anyone to just give it a try, if only once.